What is Champions of the Shengha?

Champions of the Shengha is a new type of game. Players have to master their magic power - generated by staying focused under pressure - in order to win.

It trains players to focus their mind through regulated breathing techniques and gives them the skills to manage their frustrations, both in and beyond the game.

It’s played with our patent pending Magic Transmitter (a wearable heart rate sensor) which measures player’s magic power, or heart rate variability, and integrates this into gameplay.

Kids love this award-winning collectable card game in which they compete against each other in magical duels, collect spells and move up ranks to become Champion of the Shengha.

How does the game train players to focus, perform and thrive?

Champions of the Shengha is a new type of game where players have to master their magical power to win, training players to focus their mind and manage their frustrations. It uses a heart rate variability sensor and genuinely responds to player’s emotional state, making staying calm a core part of gameplay.

Throughout the game, players are encouraged to practice regulated diaphragmatic breathing (which brings them into a more focused state), in order to increase their magic powers and earn points to defeat their opponent.

The game trains players in skills to help them focus, perform and thrive - both in the game and beyond.

What is the scientific basis for the game?

We’ve run five evaluation trials, which have demonstrated that Champions of the Shengha effectively trains emotional regulation skills, and which users quickly started to apply in their everyday lives.

Link to the BfB trials reports page here.

What can I do to keep my child’s account safe?

Both Apple and Android offer a number of ways for parents to monitor and manage children’s activity online. We recommend you familiarise yourself with these resources.

Players will use their Google Play or Apple Game Centre usernames within the game and these will be visible to other players. For general safety, we encourage players to: Be smart when choosing usernames, limiting the personal information they disclose Always use a strong password that can’t be guessed Keep their account and personal information to themselves

What data is being collected about my child?

Champions of the Shengha collects data on a player’s heart rate when using the Magic Transmitter in order to progress the players use of the game and to test and improve the game's performance. This data is stored anonymously on our secure server against the Google Play or Apple Game Centre usernames used to login to the game

When the game is first logged in to the player is asked to explicitly consent to the use of this heart rate data for these purposes in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We encourage all parents to familiarise themselves with this Privacy Policy and make sure they are comfortable with their child’s data to be handled in this way.

What does Champions of the Shengha do to protect my kids’ safety and privacy?

We understand one of your primary concerns as parents is keeping your children safe online and we take our role in this seriously.

Champions of the Shengha has no in-game chat capability, which means there is no opportunity for players to talk directly or share information with other players.

The heart rate data we collect, which powers the players performance in the game, is stored anonymously on our secure server against the Google Play or Apple Game Centre usernames used to login to the game. We don’t have access to, nor do we store, any other personal identification information against this data.

The game is currently pending rating by the IARC.

www.championsoftheshengha.com complies with Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). Please note our site’s privacy policy.

Our online forum does give users the ability to interact. Please note our Forum’s Community Guidelines and read how to keep your child safe while using the forum.

Does it cost anything to download Champions of the Shengha?

No, it does not cost anything to download Champions of the Shengha but players must have access to a Magic Transmitter in order to play.

How do I get Champions of the Shengha?

At the moment, Champions of the Shengha can only be accessed through one of our professional partners. If you would like learn more about our professional packages please contact us at: cots@bfb-labs.com

How to support your child to keep safe while using the forum

Our online forum does give users the ability to interact, however there is no private messaging available so they will only be able to communicate publically.

Please note our Forum’s Community Guidelines which are designed to create an inclusive, safe community for all. The forum is moderated on a daily basis, but we won’t always see posts immediately. As with all online sites and forums, we recommend that you monitor your child’ activity.

Teach your child not to reveal personal details or sensitive information about themselves or your family and private life to other users of the Forum.

How can I contact Champions of the Shengha?

We have many answers and a helpful community of players available on our forum.

If you have any other questions or need additional support, you can contact us:

By emailing : cots@bfb-labs.com

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/championsoftheshengha/

Or by calling +44 (0) 20 7490 0217

Who is the company behind Champions of the Shengha?

Champions of the Shengha is brought to you by BfB Labs, a company that empowers young people to improve their mental health.See here for more info.